Donations & Sponsorships

Patritti endeavours to give back to the community through a variety of charities and sponsorships. While we would love to help all great causes, we receive an overwhelming number of requests each year and simply cannot support every request we receive.

The information below aims to help you understand our requirements and decision making process, specifically with regard to product donations and discounted product.


  • We prefer to support initiatives via discounted product or product donations for the purposes of community fundraising, health charities and the arts. We do not support initiatives that raise funds for individuals;
  • Requests from our local are will be preferenced over other regions;
  • Requests for monetary contributions will be considered but are granted only in exceptional cases;
  • Patritti supports the responsible consumption of alcohol and as such will not consider requests for wine to support sponsorships or events targeted at minors or where responsible service of alcohol regulations are not met.


In exchange for our support we ask that the beneficiarys provide:

  • Visible recognition of our involvement through signage and co-branding on printed materials;
  • An opportunity to promote our brand and engage with our consumers;
  • Recognition in newsletters, websites and social media;
  • An opportunity to engage with your guests or members;
  • Professionalism and ease of dealings.



To apply for sponsorship:

  • Read the Sponsorship Guidelines to determine if your request meets the criteria;
  • Determine the type of sponsorship you are applying for;
  • Complete the Sponsorship Application Form below and submit it to us along with any other supporting documentation.

Your proposal will be considered and a response sent within four weeks of your application being submitted.


Each request for sponsorship is considered by our marketing manager in line with the Sponsorship Guidelines and budgetary constraints. To maximise your chance of success complete all sections of the Sponsorship Application Form.